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T.L Webber & M.M Millton | Adelaide Hills, South Australia



Both born in East coast coastal towns , Tim in Newcastle, NSW Australia and Monique in Gisborne, New Zealand. Our feet now planted together in the hills of Adelaide on a small magical ridge called Forest Range sitting at 550 metres above the sea.


The farm is made up of small, steep plantings of East and West facing vineyards with a view to the Gulf St Vincent to the North. 25 acres in total with 15 acres of grapevines which have been planted a section at a time from 1993 to 2005. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Savagnin, Garganega, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The vines and land are tended in an organic, holistic approach using compost teas, herbal and fermented preparations.


The land and in the cellar see very minimal machinery, with us choosing instead to use time honored manual techniques. Grapes are picked in small selections by hand and make there way a few meters to the cellar where the fermentation journey begins. Life in the cellar is slow and undisturbed with no additions being made. In winter the ferments are left to settle and gather with no interruptions such as racking, stirring and just the odd visit for a taste. Bottling is done very gently, all by gravity with wines sealed using natural cork and left to rest in the cellar for different ageing periods until they tell us that they are ready.


Two families of Kangaroos help maintain the land and keep the spirit of the old earth alive. This is shared with a few wild deer, a flock of Paradise ducks and their offspring, an olive grove and some very healthy patches of seasonal wild mushrooms.


Projects are in swing as we are new to our land. The chicken house awaits a new flock this coming spring and the scrub along the boundary is beginning to reveal the fence lines again so sheep can soon join. Vines are being retrained, fruit trees planted and a patch is kept clear for the summer vegetable crops to go in.


The journey in front of us is exciting and equally challenging as we transform and welcome a natural balance back to the land we call home and too for our wines, Manon.

Manon Wine Logo

Manon Farm

Mawson Road, Forest Range, SA, 5139

ABN: 43563805751  Producer's License: 50820264

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