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Manon Wine Cosmic Blend

2017 Cosmic Blend

Farm Blend 11.5%alc

Cosmic Blend is a totally uncontrolled mix of the ends of every barrel from the 2017 vintage. It remains fresh, light, juicy, uncomplicated and is a mix of both red and white. It is a moment when we capture the entire vintage in a bottle. Nothing at all is added to the wine and nothing is taken away. We do not attempt to change the wine in any way and remains in its pure state. Drink it chilled and enjoy its relaxed juice like vibe! This vintage being our favourite.

Preservative free, unfined, unfiltered.


750ml | Sold Out

Manon Wine Cider

2018 APQ Cider

Apple, Pear, Quince 7%alc

APQ is our Apple, Pear & Quince cider created in the heart of Autumn 2018 after the grape harvest. This cider is a thirst quenching delight. The fruit is a mixture of certified organic apples from the Shultz family - friends and neighbours. Pears from our friends down the road who have a heavenly 80 year old pear orchard of mixed old varieties. The rest of this fruitful cider blend comes from the wild apple and quince trees that we drive past year round. They grow then fall on the ground for the birds to eat. Not this year…

Apples, pears and quince pulped then pressed through Spring and Summer meadow hay cut from our farm. The barrels have been topped up with grapes skins, and wild sloe plums.

A fruity combination and a refreshing drink when seeking something lower in alcohol and higher in life!

Preservative free, unfined, unfiltered .


750ml | Sold Out

Manon Wine Cider Apple Pear Quince

Cosmic Cider Dozen

Six bottles of Cosmic Blend & APQ Cider with a 15% discount.


Cosmic Cider Sixer

Three each of Cosmic Blend and

APQ Cider with a 10% discount.


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Manon Wine Cider Apple Pear Quince
Manon Wine Cider Apple Pear Quince